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lot # 38 - jewish colonies

Tuesday Jun 06, 2023 20:00 Asia/Jerusalem

Rarity: Colony YEHUD - 11.4.1889 Austrian Imptd 20 para pc sent by Rabbi Mordechai Gimpel Jaffe in the Jewish Colony of Yehud, near Petah Tikva. This was one of the first Jewish Colonies to be established in Palestine, in 1882, abandoned in 1893. Message in Hebrew, written in Yehud  (top left, in Hebrew, along with date) requesting Dr. Rabbi Berliner to send books, which were pre-paid, to Mr. Lewi in Jaffa "for Rabbi M. G. Jaffe in Yehud", via JAFFA, Austrian Post (St. 523), arrival Berlin 20/4 on face. This is the only item known to us from this tiny (6 houses) and short-lived Jewish Colony; vf



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