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lot # 22 - General - Maritime (Liners) 1967

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024 17:00 Europe/London

QUEEN MARY - 7 covers: Last Transatlantic Voyage (cds New York); Last Call at Gibralter (cds Paquebot, Gibralter); Last Call at Las Palmas (cds Las Palmas); Last Arrival at Southampton (cds Paquebot Southampton); Final Cruise, Southampton to Long Beach, (cds Southampton); Final Cruise, Final Cruise, Southampton to Long Beach, (cds Las Palmas); Southampton to Long Beach, (cds Long Beach). Queen Mary cachets. 3 covers further stamped with relevant special postmarks in 2004 for Queen Mary 2. Good condition. Retail price c£105. {C} [US2] (Start Price / Minimum Bid = £62.40)

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