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lot # 13 - General - British Empire

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024 17:00 Europe/London

Balance British Empire collection, mostly hinged on album pages and mainly from 1935 to around 1970. Aden Khatiri State to Zanzibar, but not all countries included. Mixed, (mainly) mint and used, in mixed condition, generally above average including fine. Many sets / part sets and singles. Noted: Aden Khatiri KGVI to 8a (m), Australia QEII commems 1953-60 (m), British PO in E Arabia QEII to 1r (m), Br Honduras KGVI to $1 (u), QEII to 25c (m), Solomon Is QEII to 2/6d (m), Dominica QEII to 60c (m), Fiji QEII to 10s (m), Jamaica Independence QEII to 10s (u), KUT KGV to 2s (u), QEII to 10s (u), Malta QEII to £1 (m), NZ KGVI to 3s (u), Nigeria QEII to 10s (u), Palestine to £P1 (u), Rhodesia and Nyasaland QEII to 1s (m), St Vincent QEII to $1 (m), Trinidad & Tobago KGV to 6d (m), Virgin Is KGVI to 5s (m&u), Zanzibar to 2s (m), and many others. Plus omnibus sets from KGV, KGVI & QEII. Finally 3 stockpages with Malayan States defins many of which are toned but may included a few decent stamps (unchecked), Many hundreds with good cv. {CC} (Start Price / Minimum Bid = £120.00)

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