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lot # 68 - General - Imperial Airways

Tuesday Jul 04, 2023 17:00 Europe/London

OTHER FLIGHTS Tanganyikan Government Experimental Service. Daressalaam-Tanga, 30c joined pair (SG98) of Tanganyika tied with Daressalaam 24 Dec 30 Registered cds cancel. On plain cover. Daressalaam registered label top left. Par Avion By Air Mail boxed cachet bottom left. Typed First Direct Air Mail From Daressalaam to Tanga. Addressed to Tanga. On the reverse Daressalaam 24 Dec 30 & Tanga 25 Dec 30 registered receiving. This was the fourth Northbound service with just 70 items of mail carried. Very scarce cover display quality. With notes. (image available) {C} [US7] (Start Price / Minimum Bid = £56.00)

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