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lot # 1065 - Australia king george v heads

Thursday Oct 29, 2020 12:00 Australia/Sydney
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5d Brown collection in SG Devon loose leaf album with Die I single wmk (40) with plated varieties (29) inc ACSC listed types (14, cat $1050) inc '8 wattles at right' (Pos 1L1), 'white spot between L & I of Australia' (2 Pos L2), 'damaged upper right cnr' (3, L59), 'white flaw on kangaroo's neck' (3, L59), white flaw on kangaroos neck (2, R54), & 'damaged upper right cnr' (R59) & rough paper perf OS variety 'broken upper right cnr' (Pos 1 L13, cat $750) superb U. SM wmk (57) with plated varieties (46) inc ACSC listed (8, $400) inc 'break in right frame' (Pos 2L18), 'flaw on crown top' (L47), 'break in right frame opp wattle stem' (L48), 'retouched upper right cnr' (2, Pos R60). CofA wmk (160) with plated varieties (96) inc ACSC types (18, all plate 3, cat $780) inc 'distorted upper frame at right' (Pos 3L1), '8 wattles at left' (l25), 'flaw between crown & right wattles' (2, Pos L31), 'broken top frame' (L56), 'flaw between A & G of Postage' (2, Pos R20) & 'scratch behind kangaroo' (2, Pos R43), plus unplated flaws, shades & OS opts (2, $100). Plus extras, duplicates, new finds & odds (120+) in hagners. A well researched collection, G-FU, total ACSC cat $3000. (375)

Estimate: A$600 - 800


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