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Thursday Nov 21, 2019 23:45 Asia/Jerusalem
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COLLECTION AUSTRIA LEVANT & HOLY LAND. caollec. 168 stps most vsed Levant & some Lombardo, w, many better as. 5pias.F.J. 1891 ISSYE W. caifa red pmk, as well 1908 issue 10 pias, w. Jerusalem green pmk.!, at least 20% w.clear Holy Land's pmk's. tOTAL VAL. 1200-Euro, w/o couting premium fpr Holy Land's pmk'a. olso 1875 F.J. 2 soldi Type II used (2000 - €) not coutted. as is. In edition A mixte Franking cov. Krs & Soldi to Nurenberg w. arrivel.



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Romano Sale House of Stamps Ltd.

The Romano Sale House was established in early 1998. After years in the stamp business, as Images/Auctioneers and sole suppliers of LINDNER philatelic accessories in Israel, Romano Sale House has... Read More

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