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lot # 1283 - PH: 1973 War Arab-Israeli mail

Tuesday Apr 09, 2019 20:00 Asia/Jerusalem
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1973 Yom Kippur War delayed mail to Israel: 10-10-1973 section of carton package surface mailed from HAUTE-SAONE region France (return addressed PARIS) to Atomic Research Center YAVNE, franked 1F & tied by 2 strikes of postmark; this delayed by affect of the War (6-25 Oct) on surface routes, and arrived sometime Feb. 1974 & marked by violet Hebrew instructional marking handstamp K-Type-I "This postal item was received by Israel Post from the country of origin late - Feb. 1974": very rare as no 1973 War service-delay or mail-suspension markings are known on any mail of any nation except this instructional marking - and only on surface mail originating from France, received "exceptionally late", here 3-4 months late. The package was probably received in southern Israel (per address), at port of ASHDOD and the postal markings applied in TEL AVIV.

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