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Heinrich Koehler Auktionen

lot # 1522 - übersee Argentina

Monday Nov 16, 2020 09:00 Europe/Berlin

1870, Ceres 20c. blue, two singles and Bordeaux Ceres 80c. with superb margins, tied by "dotted Anchor" resp. tied by manuscript to double weight coverfront to Chieti, with octogonal "BUENOS-AYRES * 30 JUIL 71" (Salles fig. 1058) and boxed blue "F. * 56" alongside, red boxed "PD" crossed out and red "Affranchisement / Insuffisant" applied, upon arrival charges "20" decimes this postage due 1l. vertical applied with cds., two disinfection slits, despite some imperfections an attractive and scarce item, signed Scheller

Michel France 34,44


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