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Monday Nov 16, 2020 09:00 Europe/Berlin

Ferslew 4 rbs. chocolate-brown, plate 1, pos. 41 with good to large margins, tied by target to small lettersheet with adjacent blue "KJØBENHAVN 7/4 1851" to Aabenraa, endorsed "frit" in the lower left corner contrary to the postal regulations. According to the circular 8/1851 the letter was advertised in the 'Berlingske Politiske og Avertissementstidende' and the letter held at the post office to give the sender the opportunity to pay the missing 2 skilling. The sender paid the amount (noted at upper left); the "24" noted on the cover in red crayon is the record number of the letter in the list advertised. This procedure was only executed for a short period in 1851 and this letter is believed to be the only surviving example of an advertised letter. An outstanding item of Danish postal history. Certificates Moeller BPP (2002) and Nielsen (2006)
Research in the Royal Copenhagen archives for issues of this official gazette showed that this list, copied from the archive, was the only such list of advertised letters published.

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