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lot # 1022 - 1: Palestine During the Turkish Period collections

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Extensive Postal History Collection, 1896-1917, arranged by towns, comprising approximately 40 covers, 50 postcards, 25 postal stationery cards, 15 receipts, and four telegrams or documents, including Bethlehem (5 postcards); "Bon Samaritan" origin c.d.s. (Steichele 13/01) on 1910 postcard to Paris bearing 20pa canceled by "Jerusalem" c.d.s.; "Gaza" c.d.s. (St. 17/04) canceling 20pa on 1900 postcard to Australia via Port Said, Colombo and Sydney; "Jericho" c.d.s. (St. 27/02) in violet or blue canceling 10pa or 20pa on three 1904-09 postcards to Europe or U.S.; "Jerusalem 2" octagonal datestamp canceling 23 different stamps of Turkey including 1914 Postage Dues set of four on 1916 envelope addressed to Germany (2003 Tsachor photo opinion), "Bur. Amb. Jeusalem-Jaffa" Nos. "1" or "2" double-ring datestamp (St. 53/03, 53/04) canceling 20pa stamp or indicia on five 1899-1900 postcards (3) or stationery cards (2); "Jerusalem (Gare)" c.d.s. (St. 30/01) canceling 10pa, 20pa and 1pi on 1910 unaddressed postcard (one stamp missing); "Meo-Charem" c.d.s. (St. 32/01) canceling 20pa on 1916 20pa stationery envelope registered and censored to Germany (one stamp missing); Jerusalem Quartier Israelite positive seal (St. 33/03) in violet canceling 5pa pair on 1903 envelope to Hungary and 10pa on 1903 advertising card to Germany, "Jerusalem/Quart. Israelite" c.d.s. (St. 33/05) in blue canceling 1pi on reverse of 1902 envelope to Rochester, New York, similar in black canceling 5pa and 10pa on separate envelopes from the same correspondence to the United States and Germany respectively, "(Jerusalem)/Quart. Israelite" c.d.s. (St. 33/06) canceling 10pa on 1907 front to Paris; "Naplous" c.d.s. (St. 40/05) canceling 1pi on reverse of 1906 envelope to the United States; "Nazareth" c.d.s. (St. 41/04) canceling 1pi on 1901 envelope to England with seal additionally applied to stamp, similar c.d.s. canceling 10pa on 1902 postcard to France, "Nasré" c.d.s. (St. 41/08) canceling various values on six 1904-12 postcards; "Petah Tikwa (Jaffa) c.d.s. (St. 42/01) in red on 1910 damaged envelope to Jerusalem; "Saffed" c.d.s. (St. 47/05) in blue canceling 5pa on domestic postcard; and "Tiberiade" c.d.s. (St. 50/03) canceling stamps on two 1902-12 cards and a 1913 Registered receipt; some faults, though many have Fine to Very Fine strikes, an excellent basis for specialization.
Estimate $4,000 - 5,000.

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