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Lots & Collections 1863/1949: Collection from 1863 with Toughra issue well represented with 20 pa. on yellow thin paper unused (7) and used (5), 20 pa. on thick paper unused (4) and used (8), 1 pi. on lilac pelure paper unused (4) and used (13, incl. a horizontal pair) and a tête-bêche vertical pair, 1 pi. on thick paper used (8), 2 pi. on blue thin pelure paper unused (7) and used (14), 5 pi. on red pelure paper unused (3) and used (7), Postage 20 pa and 5 pi. unused and used with duplication; 1865 Duloz issue with black 20 pa. Proof and large array of unused and used, varieties and Colour Trials (15); 1865 Postage Dues with 5 pi. unused block with paper fold variety and a scarce entire with 20 pa. and 1 pi. values, 1867 with 10 pa. bronze green repaired cliché in pair, 5 pi. orange vermilion, faulty but genuine example (Mi IV = € 5'000), 1868 Duloz issue with Trials, varieties incl. ¾ of 2 pi. used on piece, 25 pi. unused block of four and covers incl. 1869 usage with adhesives cancelled in red; 1873 study of the City Post incl. separated Glavany forgeries and covers, 1876 overprinted piastres incl. multiples and varieties, 1876 'Empire' issue unused sets (3) and varieties incl. tête-bêche, imperforates with background inverted, 25 pi. Colour Trials  etc., 1880/90 'Empire' issues with similar but larger range of Trials, varieties and multiples and a few covers; 1892 issue with unused and used, cancellation study and a few covers, 1898 octagonals with study of usages from the 13 PO's incl. covers and annotated forgeries, 1901/08 Toughra issues with fine study of unused and used incl. March 1901 Printed Matter optd. set unused (Mi 108A/113A), delightful 1902 registered cover from Rhodes to UK, 1905 Printed Matter optd. set (perf. 12) unused, 1908 small Toughra sets (3) perf. 13¼, perf. 12 and perf. compound unused, 1908 overprinted 'matbua' unused and used, 1909 unofficial Jaffa overprints, 1909 'matbua' unused set, 1911 Sultan's visit issues near complete and with a few varieties, 1912/15 Red Cross charity sets unused and used (Michel Ia/V = € 2'500+), 1913 issue unused and used and 10 pa. green imperf. pair; 1913 Stamp Booklets in grey, red and in buff complete, 1914 Sultan set to 200 pi. unused and used (Mi 229/245 = € 1'600) and 5 pa. Trial printed in red; 1915/16 Crescent & Date optd. issues with large range incl. multiples, varieties and covers, 1917 optd. "PTT" issues unused (Mi. 485-617 largely complete unused, with 16 certs. Ceremuga) used and covers, 1919 overprinted Armistice set of 13 unused and used (Mi = € 1'500), 1919 Sultan Accession set unused and used and varieties, Angora with Dec 1920 surcharged issues with extremely fine range of unused and used together with a registered Parcel Card from Césarée, Land Registry issue 2 pi. grey used (Mi 718 = € 5'500), Foreign Affairs 10 pa. green unused and used, 1 pi. ultramarine unused (Mi 735 = € 500) and 5 pi. green (Mi 736 = € 650) all signed Vachat, and a study of the forged surcharges; study of Hejaz Railway stamps, 1921 Navy issue unused (Mi 744/748 = € 650) and used, Ministry of Finance optd. issue with duplication, 1921 "Kilis" provisonals printed on cigarette paper unused and used (Mi 753 = € 750), "Feke" provisional usages with some on piece; rare "Akpinar VI Army Corps" usage on piece; 1921 set of three surcharged 1 pi. used (Mi 766/II) with cert. Nakri; Jan and Dec 1922 Barabrino issues unused and used, Republic 1923/26 definitive set to 500 pi. green unused (Mi. = € 1'500) and used and multiples etc., Lausanne set unused and used, 1926 pictorial definitives unused and unusual usage on card mailed at Constanta, 1926 Obligatory Tax unused and used range, 1927/28 Airmail Obligatory Tax set unused and used on piece (Mi 5/14 = € 1'400);  1927 Izmir set unused, 1928 Izmir set unused and used, 1929 redrawn set of six unused, 1930 set of 22 unused, Sivas Ralway unused and used and varieties, 1931 Atatürk definitive study, 1934 Izmir set of nine unused and used, 1935 Suffragette set unused and used (Mi. 985/999 = € 2'000), 1936 Dardenelles set in unused pairs with '1926' variety and 50 k. with date omitted used, 1942 Inonu Essay and thick paper varieties in multiples, thereafter complete to 1949. Further volumes with studies of 1915/16 War Orphans overprint issues, extensive Cilicia, Local Posts, British Levant and Austrian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish and Russian (incl. 1863 6 k. blue unused) Post Offices. Condition obviously varies but many varieties present, a splendid largely complete collection. 


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