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lot # 108 - brit. colonies south australia

Wednesday Jun 05, 2024 09:00 Europe/Zurich

Collections 1855/1901: A mostly unused collection on leaves, with a range of printings, shades, and perforation varieties, many scarce items noting 1855 London printings with 2d. rose-carmine (2), 1856-8 Adelaide printings with 2d. blood red, range of rouletted including various 1d. shades (5), 1861 rouletted 1d. bright yellow-green (2), 1864 2d. vermilion singles (2) and horizontal pair, scarce 6d. dull ultramarine (2) and dull blue,1865 1d. pale sale green horizontal pair, 1866 9d. TEN PENCE overprint, 1867-70 1d. bright yellow green with exceptional fresh colour, 1868 1d. bright green,1869 1d. deep yellow green, 1870/1 6d. indigo with unusual vertically misplaced perforations, 1870/3 9d. TEN PENCE overprint, 1876-1900 selection including useful range of shades and perforations, unusual 6d. Prussian blue  and 6d. bright blue (used), each with partially doubled impression, "8 PENCE" on 9d. vertically misperforated error resulting in double overprint (used),  scarce 1/- chocolate horizontal pair, 1886-96 "Long" Stamps with 15/- brownish yellow and 50/- dull pink (used), later 1906-12 printing with 9d. deep lake pair with inverted watermark, 1901-2 including selection of colour trials, 2/- crimson multiples including two blocks of four and block of six, 2/- pale orange-red horizontal pair, wide representation of O.S. overprints including 1891/6 2d. multiples, 1897/1901 1d. rosine with double overprint variety, 2½d. indigo pair with "O.S." inverted (used), 5d. brown purple unmounted margin pair, others showing range of shades, over two hundred items included, twenty eight with accompanying Ceremuga certificates, some faults as expected, and the odd used examples, a valuable holding with many scarce and desirable stamps, worthy of careful examination.


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