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lot # 1387 - Overseas Afghanistan

Friday Dec 02, 2022 09:00 Europe/Zurich

1874/1969: Collection and loose with 1874/75 (dated 1291) set of three values unused (Gi 15/17), 1875/76 1 abasi purple unused (Gi 21), 1890 'Kingdom' issues on coloured papers, a range of 19 blocks of four incl. unissued 1 r. slate-blue registration stamp, 1907/08 Coat of Arms 2 ab. blue sheet of eighteen on 'Howard & Jones' paper imperforate (Gi 157), rare 1 r. green sheet of sixteen unused (Gi 158) and single examples of each and scarce 1908 1 r. blue-green unused, 1921 Habibia College 15 p. in unused tête-bêche pair, 1926 10 p. violet-blue block of four unused, 1928 Parcel Post 2 a. orange sheet of eight unused, 3 a. green in sheets of four (two perf., one imperf.), 1928 40 p. ultramarine sheet of twenty with tête-bêche pair in lower row, 1929 Parcel Post 3 a. brown in perf. and imperf. sheets of four unused, 1939 Airmail issue in imperf. pairs and imperf. between 20 a. green in a block of six, together with 1940-1969 collection on attractive printed leaves seemingly complete unused. A magnificent group in much above average condition and seldom encountered nowadays.

Michel Catalogue 291: Europe & Overseas


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