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lot # 16 - brit. colonies Australia

Monday Nov 28, 2022 09:00 Europe/Zurich

1918/23: 2 d. brown-orange and 4 d. violet tied to registered 1921 cover Gamboma, French Congo by Ballarat cds (Nov 14) in black with registration label at left. Underpaid 1 d. for the registered rate and charged on arrival with imperforate Postage Due 15 c. yellow-green (2, one sheet marginal) paying the minimum fixed charge on an under paid letter and tied by "GAMBOMA / MOYEN CONGO" datestamps (Feb 9, 1922). Reverse with Melbourne transit (Nov 15), Loanda / Angola transit (Jan 21), Matadi (Belgian Congo) cds (Jan 30), Makotimpoko cds (Feb 6) and Gamboma cds (Feb 8). Sensibly opened for exhibit display, a remarkable and most attractive cover.

Michel Catalogue 291: Europe & Overseas


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