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lot # 20857 - Malaya Jap. Occ Japanese Occupation Kelantan

Friday Sep 17, 2021 09:00 Europe/Vienna
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1944, registered big letter with Malayan 30 c. + Japanese 10 sen from LOEBOEKPAKAM/Indonesia to GALANG/Batam/Indonesia, Japanese opt on Negri Sembilan stamp, with R registered label and cds Loeboekpakam, company logo Soematera Timoer and Japanese cds 19.1.14 = 14.1.1944, Japanese opt Japanese arrival cds on reverse GALANG 19.1.15, envelope folded in middle still fresh and desirable cover with interesting franking, VF-XF! Schätzpreis 600€.

SG J237, :JP 322


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