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Sowjetunion: 1917/23, high-quality exhibition collection of the absolute international top class, al
1917/23, high-quality exhibition collection of the absolute international top class, alone 25 certificated and signed items (Buchsbayew, Ceresa, Ebnet, Frenkel, Mandrovskiy, Mikulski the WHO IS WHO the examiners) prove the quality and rarity of this collection, a flood of class items, of which only some can be mentioned:the collection begins with a registered letter from Petrograd sent at the day of the October Revolution (25th october 1917)! further the local post (Kiew, Kharkov, Samytje, Werniy, Smolensk, oneline cancel of Votkinsk, local postal rate of Bobrinets) is well represented, registered mail (also with cash on delivery and handwritten registration marks), insured letters with declared value (also with cash on delivery), cash paid items and partly cash paid items, forerunner of Latvia, special rates for the Baltic Republics, internal postage free period, censored mail (censor marks and strips), postage due (handwritten, postage due stamps), parcel cards (incl. with declared value) are represented several times, valued parcel card and local issue on parcel card, postal money orders (from Tashkent with revenue stamps), good frankings (Philately for children, Volga Famine, Labour Day on cover and on postcard sent abroad RR!!), many revaluations, overprintings in silver, copperfare, black and red, picture postal stationery card with Esperanto motive and postage due, cover with mixed franking of inflation issues and Golden Standard (very rare), airmail cover with 7x airmail stamp with overprinting of an airplane (RR), postal savings bank stamps on several items, mixed franking of Russia and Ukraine, mass frankings, step overlapping frankings, misprintings of stamps, scarce destinations (Mexico, USA), 4x Mi. 129II vertical strip of four on cover the greatest known unit on cover! inverted revaluation on cover, tête-bêche on registered cover etc. a careful inspection is a must! VERY VERY SCARCE COLLECTION!!
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