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Sowjetunion: 1917/23, fantastic three-volume collection of approx. 177 letters (incl. provisional le
1917/23, fantastic three-volume collection of approx. 177 letters (incl. provisional letters due to paper shortage), postcards, picture postcards, parcel postcards (incl. forms converted to postal money orders), postal money orders and used postal stationeries (only initially with additional franking, later used as forms), of which approx. 81 items are used in Russia (one volume) and approx. 96 items sent abroad (two volumes), the collection covers a period of 22 postage periods from 15.8.1917 - 30.09.1923, from 1.10. to 30.11.1923 a daily correction of the revaluation took place, also from this period there are items, some items are certified or signed (Ceresa, Mikulski, Winterstein) and there are items with very good provenance (ex Liphschutz), many items have single lot character, incl. registered mail, airmail, local mail, many scarce items, the collection is very well described and very clean mounted on sheets
1. internal usage: this volume captivates with partly very good and rare frankings, among other things marks of the charity issue of Volga Relief, other charity issues, postal savings bank stamps (incl. early usage in 1918 and mixed frankings with other issues), usage of bisected stamps (coat of arms issue of Russia, 2 and 10 Kop.), late usage of the coat of arms issue of 29.3.1923! special issues to the Labour Day and Philately - for the children (in each case only one day valid!), a forerunner of Latvia, pre- and post-period frankings, step overlapping frankings, mass frankings, one item of period of free postage, many revaluations, overprintings (black, orange, red) etc.
2. items sent abroad (two volumes): this part of the collection extends over 23 periods of different postal rates beginning from 1.9.1917 - 30.9.1923, incl. registered mail, TPO´s, airmail (incl. provisional labels + very scarce and rare cover with overprinting of airplane with cert. Mikulski), postal stationeries used as forms, good frankings (Volga Famine, overprintings, massfrankings, step overlapping frankings), items with special postal rates to the Baltic countries, special issue of Labour Day on cover to New York (only one day valid!), items with postage due, scarce gutter pairs on covers, charity issues, cash paid items, many scarce and rare items, nice destinations etc., take time for a careful inspection of this great collection, you will be very impressed.
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