Editions V. Gadoury


Editions Gadoury was founded in Baden – Baden in1972. Victor Gadoury, the founder, was a member of a division within the Canadian Army that was stationed in Germany. After his discharge Victor Gadoury, decided to remain in Germany and start a new career as a numismatic.

In 1973 Victor Gadoury founded the publishing house Editions Gadoury where he published the first edition of "Monnaies française", gathering together knowledge on all French coins from 1789 until the present day. Since then, the book has been published every two years and 2009 will be it's 19th edition.

In 1978 Victor Gadoury decided to move his publishing house Editions Gadoury to the Principality of Monaco, at the end of the Boulevard d'Italie, moving next to the Boulevard de Moulins before finally returning to the Boulevard d'Italie.

In 1994, the publishing house Editions Gadoury was acquired by two Italian numismatics, Vescovi and Pastrone, and since November 2001 Editions Gadoury has been managed solely by Francesco Pastrone in Monaco.

Editions Gadoury is a member of the most important International and National Numismatic Associations including:

- IAPN - AINP International Association of Professional Numismatists Association Internationale des Numismates Professionels

- S.N.E.N.N.P Syndicat National des Experts Numismates et Numismates Professionnels


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