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lot # 72 - Medals, Tokens.

Wednesday Dec 19, 2018 17:00 Asia/Jerusalem
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Gold color medal.

Obverse: On the medal scale appears the inscription: "A blessing from the Lord," "God will give you the blessing in your ordinances and in all your messengers." In the center is a large and impressive building with the caption: "Center" Nadvorna Baraak ?? Nadvorna, Bnei Brak "

Reverse: On the scale of the medal, the verse is written: "And God gave you the dew of the heavens and the oil of the earth ...", "God will open to you His good treasure the heavens." In the center is a caption: "A coin of blessing for keeping and success from the Rebbe of Nadvorna shlita.

Size: 56 m"m.