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BUKHAR KHODA: Anonymous, ca. 710, AR "mug " drachm (3.00g), [Samarqand], cf Zeno-16739, derived from the Sasanian drachm of Varahran V, standard type, with triskeles countermark behind bust, choice VF, RR. These are often called "Mug drachms " as the the first known hoard was found on Mug mountain (Tajikistan). The name was given by one of the numismatists involved in the original group, probably Zeimal, Davidovich or Smirnova. There were ancient documents found there also. It appears these coins were minted and circulated in the territories of Samarqand and Tajikistan. Through the years three hoards have been known from Tajikistan territory, one from Samarqand area and one hoard from the City of Paykend (45 km from Bukhara). These coins never circulated in Bukhara oasis however and no coins have yet been found in there even though they are derived from the Bukharkhudat types.