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Friday Jun 25, 2021 10:00 Asia/Hong_Kong
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1086-1208 a group of 6 Sung Dynasty Iron coins,
comprising Yuan You Tung Pao, used as 2 coppers, Chuan scripts (33.5 x 3.5mm, 14.6g), graded GMBA75; Ta Kwan Tung Pao (33.0 x 3.0mm, 9.6g), graded GMBA72; Cheng Ho Tung Pao (33.0 x 4.0mm, 13.2g), graded GMBA75; Chun Hsi Yuan Pao, "Nine" on reverse (28.9 x 2.1mm, 6.7g), graded GMBA78; Chun Hsi Tung Pao, "Chun Sixteen" on reverse (28.0 x 3.5mm, 7.9g), graded GMBA78 and Ka Ting Yuan Pao, Li Chow Five (34.3 x 2.3mm, 8.9g), graded GMBA78.
1086-1208年一组6枚宋代铁钱,包括有元祐通宝,折二篆书(33.5 x 3.5mm, 14.6g),公博评级美75;大观通宝(33.0 x 3.0mm, 9.6g),公博评级上72;政和通宝(33.0 x 4.0mm, 13.2g),公博评级美75;淳熙元宝,背九(28.9 x 2.1mm, 6.7g),公博评级美78;淳熙通宝,背春十六(28.0 x 3.5mm, 7.9g),公博评级美78和嘉定元宝,利州伍(34.3 x 2.3mm, 8.9g),公博评级美78。