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A Book of Jewish Thoughts for Jewish Sailors and Soldiers, by Chief Rabbi Joseph Herman Hertz; 1918 4th ed., printed by Eyre & Spottiswoode; 238 +2 pp. With opening salutation by the Rav dated Tu be'Av 1917; selection of various texts of diverse sources (Jewish & non-Jewish, Biblical & contemporary). Printed in 10,000 copies. Softback of stitched fibre & thin pages. "Signed" by Leo Jung, Fitzwilliam Hall Cambridge 1918 + handwritten Hebrew thought on inside back-page: Rabbi Jung (1892-1987) was one of the major architects of American Orthodox Judaism, received secular & Talmudic education + attended Cambridge Univ.; father was R. Dr. Meir Tzvi Jung, proponent of R. Samson Raphael Hirsch's philosophy of "Torah im Derekh Eretz"; received Rabbinic ordinations ("semikhah"), from R. Mordechai Zevi Schwartz, R. Abraham Isaac Kook & R. David Zvi Hoffmann.

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