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Tuesday Apr 09, 2019 20:00 Asia/Jerusalem
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Israel - 25 Mils 1948 half-link error/variety, EF (UNC in principle but affected by corrosion on one part of the rim). IMM-P1a. The religious-minded may be interested to note that the published circulation figure of this issue - the only Israeli coin issued in 1948, following the State's establishment - of 42,650 is significantly similar to the number of Jews said to have returned from the Babylonian exile following King Cyrus' edict (per Ezra, Chapter 42 verse 64) - 42,360, of over a million Jews in exile (a paltry figure, so low that there were not enough Kohanim and Levites to serve in the re-established 2nd Temple - a reason given for the period's ongoing observance of Tisha Be'Av). Food for thought.

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