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lot # 397 - autographs ww ii

Tuesday May 20, 2014 09:30 America/New_York
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May 20, 09:30 BST

Important Presidentially Autographed Short Snorter with President Truman's and Many Other Signatures. ND ca. 1941-45, $1, Series 1935 A Silver Certificate used as a Short Snorter. Possibly the most significant and historic example of a Short Snorter known with over 14 signatures including President Harry Truman; Joe E. Brown, Actor; Dwight D. Eisenhower, General of the Armies, Five Star, Commanding General SHAEF; Omar N. Bradley, General, Four Star; George C. Marshall, General of the Armies, Five Star, Chief of Staff, Combined Staff, United Nations; H.H. Arnold, General of the Armies, Five Star, Commander in Chief, Army Air Force; William H. Leahy, Admiral of the Fleet, Five Star, Chief of Staff to the President; James Byrnes, Secretary of State;; A.C. McAuliffe, Lieutenant General "Nuts to You" - Bastogne; Evangeline Booth, Salvation Army and other high ranking military officers. Amazing and historic Short Snorter with the autograph of Truman right above the "ONE" on the back. VF condition with most signatures strong and legible. (Ex-R.M.Smythe, Nov. 2002, Public Auction 225, Lot # 484, Sold for $4,600).