HISTORAMA AUCTION #7 - 'Buy or Bid' Sale


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Apr 09, 2019 Asia/Jerusalem

Historama HISTORAMA AUCTION #7 - 'Buy or Bid' Sale

Tuesday Apr 09, 2019 20:00 Asia/Jerusalem
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Monday 8-04-2019 Timed Sale at Bidspirit.com @ 19:15 Israel-time | LOTS #1-579

Numismatics | Judaic Tokens & Medals | Banknotes | Arabiana | Israeliana | Judaica | Militaria | Ephemera


Tuesday 9-04-2019 @ 20:00 Israel-time | LOTS #580-1313

Stamps | Postal History | Philately | Paraphilately | Philatelic Documents


Welcome you to our 7th auction, this being our first in the format of a 'Buy or Bid' sale, where lots may be bid-on or purchased outright; there are over 1300 attractive lots on offer. The sale features items in every one of our areas of specialty, and is probably the largest (and best) selection of Judaic, Holyland and Israeli collectibles for sale anywhere at this time. Featured subjects include ancient & modern coins; Jewish tokens & medals; Jewish, Mandate & Israeli militaria; World War II collaborationist and Holocaust-related militaria; loose & affixed stamps of the Holyland, Egypt and the JNF; postal history of all periods and across all themes and subjects from the Holyland, Mandate, Israel, the Palestinian Authority & near east, as well as worldwide wartime (WWI / WWII) civilian and military mail (from 'horseshoe' and pre-'horseshoe route' mail to post-Third Reich 'uberroller' & displaced persons mail), mail of the Arab-Israeli conflict & 'postkrieg', Hijack/Terror mail + American Civil War Confederate States of America philately - a new subject area for us (students of Israeli & Interim postal history - unusual routes, special rates & key dates - will recognize many similar characteristics to their CSA counterpart); plus Judaica, Israeliana, Arabiana, banknotes and other areas of interest. There are many unique and 'discovery' items in this sale, and many fascinating objects both old and contemporary worth your attention.


The sale itself is divided into 2 parts, one covering non-philatelic fields (lots 1 - 579), and one covering philately (lots 580 - 1313). The period between now and the published 'end times' of the two parts of sale functions as a 'pre-sale' period: during this time lots may be bid on in a standard mail auction manner (bids submitted in writing) or through the online auction program, or be purchased outright. The published opening bid prices are the minimum bid prices, and the buyout prices (displayed below the lot descriptions) are mostly set 50% above the opening bid levels (traditionally "best" bids, which win a lot even before an auction's end are set to 3x the opening bid price). These "buy it now" prices are dynamic: they will rise by 5-10% for every bid received on a lot once the current bid level passes the midway point between the starting bid price and the original buyout price - please visit our home site historama.com/auctions or contact us for the updated buy-out prices. This is not intended to take advantage of interest in a lot but rather to avoid discouraging bidders from continuing to bid on an item of interest. As of now, at the end of the pre-sale period for Part 1 of the sale (non-philatelic items), available lots will be offered for sale in a timed live sale on our page at Bidspirit.com; Part 2 (philately) will run as a mail auction until the published end date and time, with 5 minute time-extensions if bids are received in the last minute of the sale (or time extension).


Once the sale is over it will take a few days to issue official "winner" notifications. Please bear with us, as the more broadly the sale is displayed and the more people participate, the more complex the process of collating all the bids from various sources and actioning special requests. The winner notification email contains a link to our automated checkout on the site - and this process generates the invoice. Please check your "spam" folder for the mail (from "historama-auctions") if it doesn't reach your inbox within 2-3 days of the sale's end. Unsold lots will be available for direct purchase after the sale - but may be displayed at a higher price than the opening bid levels for the sale: we do this to discourage fence-sitting during the sale; the opening bid prices are competitively set in order to encourage bidding. Here I should emphasize that the opening bid prices are not a reflection of our evaluation of a lot’s worth: where possible I have added an estimated value at the end of a product description, but a low starting price should not be construed as a lack of understanding of a lot’s worth.

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