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Friday Dec 07, 2012 13:00 Australia/Sydney

Auction #177 is our last sale for the year.  As usual, it is a wide-ranging offering with “something for everyone”.

As usual, we commence with a group of collections and miscellaneous lots including several very good opportunities.  Our “Thematics & Subjects” section is larger than usual, and features an array of unissued imperforate miniature sheets, followed by Max Shekleton’s “Air Mails of the Pacific”.

Our best ever offering of gold coins, including 38 very fine to superb Australian sovereigns, and the world’s largest circulation gold coin (Lot 147), is a feature of the sale.  There are also a number of banknote lots on offer.  Then follows a small but appealing range of picture postcards.

The Commonwealth of Australia section offers numerous unusual and rare items, especially in the KGV section, where you will find many very scarce shades and varieties, some of which are unlisted.  There’s even a stamp catalogued at $20,000 with an estimate of only $500!

The principal showcase section of the sale is the reference collection of Australian Postal Stationery formed by Andy Jansen from Adelaide.  This is the most extensive Postal Stationery offering for quite some time.  It includes many very scarce items, and a number of rarities.  In the absence of a comprehensive catalogue of Australian stationery, our listings are the most relevant and up-to-date of any publication.

A quarter of the sale is devoted to the Australian Colonies/States.  All aspects are strongly represented, from Classics through postal history to postal stationery. Les Molnar has instructed us to re-offer his unsold Victorian stamps and covers, many at greatly reduced estimates! 

Moving on to the Rest of the World, we have some unusual foreign material from Europe, the French Community, the Middle East and the United States.  British Empire collectors will find much to interest them, including a number of superb Classic stamps.  The Great Britain is quite strong.  It includes a huge Elizabethan collection in 17 albums, a superb mint £5 orange, and several unmounted blocks of Seahorses.

Finally, there is an extensive array of philatelic literature including important handbooks and scarce auction catalogues.  Much of this material is “as new”, including some 40 titles in the Proud Bailey “Postal History of…” series.

Friday Oct 12, 2012 12:00 Australia/Sydney

This is one of the most exciting sales we have ever had the pleasure of assembling.  From a fantastic array of almost 1500 Pacific Islands postcards from Don Welsh (the Fiji) and Max Shekleton, to the most important and extraordinary “original find” of proof material we have ever handled, this auction is full of superb rarities and  other desirable material.     
Gerald Patterson has consigned his award-winning collection of Fiji.  With strength in the early issues, Postage Dues, and rare covers, this is an opportunity not to be missed.
New Guinea is very strong, with emphasis on the German Period  -  Michael Courtis’s collection  -  and the GRI Overprints  -  from Peter Moverley  -  including some very rare and appealing items. 
New Zealand includes superb original artwork by James Berryand a fine selection of the ever-popular advertising stamps from Charles & Francis Kiddle
The extensive Papuan listings occupy 40 pages and comprise the strongest and most diverse array since we sold Peter Troy’s magnificent collection.  Paul Zatulove has contributed his stamps, with numerous exceptional pieces including two Inverted Aeroplanes.  Roger Lee’s missionary mail  -  including the earliest recorded mail into British New Guinea  -  and ship mail are featured.  And we are proud to offer the remarkable archive of 1930s essays and proofs from the family of one-time Papuan Treasurer EC Harris.
John McNabb has consigned what is perhaps the finest collection of Papua New Guinea ever formed.  With proofs, unissued stamps, a terrific array of Postal Charges and all the rare postmarks, this will be an absolute feast for collectors of the Australian Territories.

If you collect any Pacific Islands subject, this is one sale not to be missed.

Friday Aug 17, 2012 02:00 Australia/Sydney

Our August auction is another wide-ranging and interesting sale. It commences with a various collections, a handy selection of coins and banknotes, and picture postcards. Commonwealth of Australia features a small but attractive selection of Kangaroos. The KGV section includes the first mint example we have seen of the 1d violet (aniline) BW #76G, and a watermark error catalogued at $40,000. A highlight is the collection of the 1927 Canberra stamp including a fine Imperf-Between pair, ‘OS’ Omitted in pair with normal, a really unusual Double Offset, and a complete set of Plate Number blocks. Also notable are KGVI Thin Paper varieties and a superb example of the 3mm ‘SPECIMEN’ overprint on the £2 Arms. Postal history includes some very desirable items. There is also a range of flight covers to unusual destinations. Australian Colonies again is a strong section of the sale. We kick off with Charity stamps of the Colonies, including a number of very scarce items, notably a First Day Cover for the Victorian Boer War issue. New South Wales includes very attractive classics, perforation errors and Officials, a Takuma forgery of the 2d Emu, a nice section of Postage Dues, and two exceptional pre-stamp covers. From Queensland, there are fine groups of Chalons and Sidefaces. Tasmania includes a very fine range of Classics, notably a Chalon die proof and a new find of five early covers - one with London Printings 1d pair & 4d - with manuscript cancellations. Highlight of the Victoria is a comprehensive collection of Postage Dues including the Mixed Perfs ½d SG D34ba and the unissued 5d both mint & CTO, plus a selection of taxed covers. Local Stamps are the pick of the Western Australia, with complete sheets of the Coolgardie Cycle Express 1/- and 2/6d plus three covers. We also have an 1835 entire to Hobart and a wonderful 1852 cover from Mauritius that was missent to Perth in Scotland before making its way to the Swan. The British Empire material in this sale is among the best offerings we have had. There is an extensive collection of Canada including superb Imperfs and a magnificent mint block of 9 of the 5c Beaver. From Ceylon, we have the “Kandy” Collection, with fine stamps and proofs from Imperfs to independence, including a spectacular surcharge error block and three rare booklets. John Dibiase from Perth has contributed his exhibit of the world’s first stamp, including Penny Black proofs, a plated set of singles, used block of 4, 1d Plate XI on cover etc. Also from Great Britain, we have a delightful and rare Ocean Penny Post envelope that must be one of the finest such items in existence. The Hong Kong is the best such collection we have offered, including an unused set of the first issue, several rare surcharges formerly in the Royal Collection, and the rare Annigoni $10 on Glazed Paper. India is highlighted by fine Classics including a magnificent 4a pair and two very unusual proof items. New Zealand includes several lots of Advertising Stamps. From South Africa we have 1d and 4d “Woodblocks” offered as one lot. Rounding out the sale, we have a collection of Postal Stationery from Zanzibar. The foreign material is relatively light on but from China we do have a solid PRC collection. There is also a fine group of better 1930s sets from Italy, a set of Nyassa Inverted Centres, and two meaty collections of United States stamps. To round out the sale, there is a handy range of Literature including better titles and some rare early auction catalogues.