Worldwide Public Auction No 48

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Nov 26, 2017 Europe/London

Essex Stamp Auctions Worldwide Public Auction No 48

Sunday Nov 26, 2017 00:00 Europe/London

Welcome to our 48th sale which is full of collections this time with good France and Colonies, Germany and Great Britain with plenty of high values.

There is a good Australia King George V sideface collection of penny values with many varieties, unusual Bosnia Herzegovina and Fiume holdings, a nice Japanese Post Offices

in China collection rounded off with Italian States collections and Colonies. In Great Britain and worth a mention is the QV 2s brown mint. An extremely rare stamp and very desirable.

We have taken in a number of Charity lots, from the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity and The Bone Cancer Research Trust amongst others. Please bid generously on these lots as they are all worthy causes.

At the Marriott Hotel, Old Shire Lane, Waltham Abbey, EN9 3LX. Just off Junction 26 of the M25 View Map

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Lot #1 - collections and mixed lots

Europe in white box. Superb collection in 12 stockbooks. Monaco early to 1974, earlier mint & used post 1920 mainly fine mint. Many high values & m/sheets. Liechtenstein early to 1985, many sets high value m/sheets, airs. Germany early to 1940 Occupation, post 1945, Berlin & West germany to 1960. High value sets and m/sheets. Ideal collection or ebay, cat in excess of ᆪ35,000

Lot #2 - collections and mixed lots

A large Br CW colln in 24 albums, QV to early Elizabeth only, with short sets, and sets, better mid-values especially KGV with shilling vals throughout, the odd ᆪ1 stamp, notable Malaya & States, Australia incl 1932 Harbour Bridge 5s used, etc. Both mint and used collected, all neatly written up. Generally fine throughout

Lot #3 - collections and mixed lots

A large colln in over 60 albums, m & u neatly presented in ring binders, with strong sections of Australia incl Harbour Bridge 5s used, NZ with Smiling Boys and mint Health sheetlets, France incl Air 1936 50f ultramarine used, Gibraltar incl KGVI to ᆪ1, Hong Kong incl 1948 Silver Wedding m, strong Germany plus other sections of Ch Is, Bridges, all World, a few silver coins, postcards, etc. A very extensive lot with plenty of modern...

Lot 4 - collections and mixed lots  -  Essex Stamp Auctions Worldwide Public Auction No 48

Lot #4 - collections and mixed lots

Early used GB, Br CW & World in two albums, many good stamps incl GB 1840 1d black & 2d blue, Embossed 10d cut square, 1884 ᆪ1 brown-lilac, 1891 ᆪ1 green, KE7 ᆪ1 green very fine used, 1913 ᆪ1 dull blue-green, 1929 PUC ᆪ1, Australia 1915-27 vals to 10s, 1923-24 ᆪ1, 1929 ᆪ2, 1931-36 set of 7, 1932 Harbour Bridge, Gibraltar with KGV to ᆪ1, Ireland, Malta with vals to ᆪ1, NZ, USA etc. Condition is mixed (see photos)

Lot #5 - collections and mixed lots

GB & Br CW accum in 7 stockbooks and on stockcards, with useful ranges of many Countries, early to modern, M & U, with many sets & short sets. Very substantial cat value (1000s)

Lot #6 - collections and mixed lots

Worldwide Safe Deposit, four volumes, an accumulation of 1000's of mint and used stamps inc. mint British Commonwealth especially Grenada from QV onwards, Gibraltar KGV high values, New Zealand stamp duty high values mint, GB Empire 1924 and 25 complete mint, Greece inc, occupation double and inverted o/ps, Epirus, interesting early Italian and back of the book, San Marino inverted surcharge, Russia first charity stamps complete unused,...

Lot #7 - collections and mixed lots

An interesting colln in a stockbook full of better items. Particularly France incl 1849-52 1f used (2), 1922 & 1926-27 Orphans sets used, 1870 Bordeaux issue incl 4c (2), 5c (2), 30c (2), 40c (4) and 80c (2) all used, plus British Commonwealth with 1949 UPU sets, many 1948 Silver Wedding sets (these mostly toned), then later France with good 1930s. There is toning throughout however there are plenty of fair to fine stamps here. Needs...

Lot #8 - collections and mixed lots

Worldwide one mans collection Aden to Zululand, housed in 10 albums mint and used, virtually all one of a kind including revenues and Cinderella. Beginning with Aden inc Seiun high values mint to 10/-, overprints to 10/- new currency, 1960s 10rp to 1/-s, etc. Albania inc back of the book, Argentina from 19th century onwards. Belgium from epaulettes, Brazil from 19th century high values, etc, all the way through to Zaragoza, etc, completely...

Lot #9 - collections and mixed lots

Worldwide last minute entry small box full of glassines, looks very interesting with all periods, many better stamps hidden within the packets, so very careful inspection is recommended

Lot #10 - collections and mixed lots

An accum of Br CW in part remaindered Club books, and on hagner sheets, all periods M & U with plenty of unused, strong in KGV & KGVI material (few 1000s)

Lot #11 - collections and mixed lots

Topical, Esperanto. An extraordinary range of several hundreds, not including postal history collateral also present at the end, with very little duplication and much diversity from all parts of the globe including material we have never seen before. Most of the material is early 20th century with some beautiful pictorials seen, several dozens if not 100s of imperforates as well. A range that would delight even Zamenhof ! This is offered...

Lot #12 - collections and mixed lots

An accumulation of better items on stockcards with toning such as France Pexip sheet, 1936 South Atlantic 50f used (2), Italy and Colonies, Germany, then also French Colonies u/m higher vals, and modern trucial States in packets. Enormous potential cat value, our estimate takes into account the mixed condition

Lot #13 - collections and mixed lots

An interesting box with collectors better oddments incl French Cols, stamps in packets small collections, etc

Lot #14 - collections and mixed lots

Baltic States 1918-1940 a lovely collection in a Scott printed album, an extensive offering, mint and fu ranges with numerous sets, better stamps inc scarce o'printed items, airs, min sheets, German occupation etc for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, original and unpicked. The pencilled cat values are historical in DM. Generally good condition, much fine (100s)

Lot #15 - collections and mixed lots

Br. Asia KGV-QE mint colln. Some mounted pre QE, unmounted thereafter, Burma, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Bahawalpur, Sri Lanka in large red s/bk, 1600 stamps, Cat value ᆪ3800+

Lot #16 - collections and mixed lots

Br CW QEII colln with strenght in Cyprus, Gibraltar, India, Ireland, Malta, Rhodesia, S.W.Africa including Cyprus Scout m/sheet, Ireland 1940 to 1/-, Tostal, Wadding, Aikenhead, Europas 1960, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1968 to 10/-, 1971 to 50p, 1990 to ᆪ5, m/sheets (36) in 2 blue s/books, cat ᆪ2340

Lot #17 - collections and mixed lots

British Commonwealth. Silver Jubilee 1935, complete mint omnibus (save Egypt), completely unchecked for varieties, last offered 40 years ago, discoveries therefore highly likely. Get the magnify glass out !

Lot #18 - collections and mixed lots

British Africa modern collections incl Nigeria, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi and South African Homelands, mint or u/m with hundreds of sets & m/s, good thematics, all contained in 4 albums and on leaves

Lot #19 - collections and mixed lots

Africa u/m colln of 1960s issues from UAR Egypt & Syria, Yemen, Ivory, Coast, Malagasy, Somalia and Sudan, fine throughout

Lot #20 - collections and mixed lots

Br CW colln in several albums and on loose leaves, useful ranges incl KGV & KGVI silver Weddings, various lots, also a little Foreign. Mixed condition (1000s)

Lot #21 - collections and mixed lots

South Georgia and BAT comprehensive collection on album leaves

Lot #22 - collections and mixed lots

Box of various collections on leaves, much Br CW incl 1948 Silver Weddings, Cape of Good Hope triangulars used selection plus several unused, QE issues from West Indies, foreign countries etc (many 1000s)

Lot #23 - collections and mixed lots

Br.Europe 1937-2004 f.used colln including, minisheets (88) etc, in large black s/bk, cat value ᆪ2260

Lot #24 - collections and mixed lots

Br. CW used colln KGVI-QE11 (+ a few from earlier period) - with Cyprus incl, 1964 Scout sheet, Gibraltar, Malta, Ireland, Rhodesia, S.W.A., S.Afric, Burma, Ceylon, Pakistan & India. 1600 stamps & 49 m/sheets in large red s/bk, cat ᆪ1600+

Lot #25 - collections and mixed lots

Europa. Mint never hinged complete from 1956 to 1968 housed in a Lighthouse album

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