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11 Jun 2015
US Gold Coins - Tracing the History

Gold coins are highly sought-after in the market, and when one hears about gold coins, the immediate response is to ask where these can be found. This is exactly what happened in the United States, particularly during the famed ‘California gold rush’. When news about gold in California was spread through rumours, the general public soon rushed to the site and joined the mad dash to discover gold. The center of the frantic search for gold was Reed Gold Mine, and this was in operation until 1912. The discovery of the site and the popularity of the area was just the start, as explorers and fortune-seekers started to explore the area. At its peak, there were more than 30,000 fortune seekers who worked on the mine site.

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26 May 2015
Coin Grading

Coins aren’t just ranked and compared through their face values, but through the use of coin grading. Just like in the collection and trading of precious stones like diamonds where the 3Cs take center-stage, in coin collecting and investment, there’s a benchmark too that’s used to compare and contrast actual values. And this benchmark is called coin grading, or a professional and systematic way of determining the grade (or overall quality and ‘marketability) of the coins in question. Coin grade is critical information for many coin collectors and investment. The grade of the coin will tell if you about the state and condition of the coin, and it’s potential valuation in the market. The slightest difference in grade can translate to a very large difference in coin valuation. This is the... Read More

21 May 2015
How to maintain your Coin Collection

Collecting silver coins also comes with its own set of responsibilities, and it’s recommended that every enthusiast and student of numismatics should be aware of these. By learning how to store and take care of the silver coins, then it’s easier to preserve its value and get the best offers once these are offered in the market. One creative way of preserving and handling the silver coins is by storing these coins in shield boxes like the Intercept Shield boxes. These boxes can help protect your coins from possible damages and scratches that may render your silver coins less valuable. There are other tricks and tips that you should keep in mind when storing and handling your silver coin collection.

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13 May 2015
The US Three-Cent Silver Pieces

Coins released in circulation aren’t just metallic pieces used for transactions; these are items with compelling stories as well. Just take the case of the three-cent silver pieces released in the United States from 1865-73. These coins have stories to tell, and collectors interested in numismatics will definitely love the background of these coins while exploring the United States coin history.

Coins showing Roman numeral III and the star

The idea to issue this coin started in 1851, due to decrease of postage rates to three cents, and the collective requirement to issue coins that are available in smaller denominations. The result was the design and the issuance of the US three-cent coins, available in silver and nickel materials. At the start of production, the coins... Read More