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Dr. Reinhard Fischer Public Stamps and Coins Auction #156
Friday May 26, 2017 13:30 to Saturday May 27, 2017 20:00 Europe/Berlin
Last date for bids: Friday May 26, 2017 11:30 Europe/Berlin

Dear collector,

the catalogue of our 156th auction on may 26/27th 2017 is online!

The following highlights are included within the over 8.000 lots of the 156th auction.

Highlights English

We would like to get your attention on the priorities of the 8.000 lots of our 156th auction with numerous highlights and specialties.

Apart of the dissolution of a Baden-Collection we have several “Bayern Einser” as well as a literature-known “Sachsendreier” (shown in “3 Pfennige rot” by Georg Bühler). Just as interesting are several rarities “German Occupation World War II” - next to rarities of the areas “Dunkerque” and “Fortress Lorient” sought after standard-issues such as Montenegro 10/19 **, Pleskau-Blocks ** or Lithuania state-issue 10/18 ** will catch your eye, “Generalgouvernement I/III” may not be missed as well as a rich offer of field post stamps. In the modern German philately after 1945 has several mutations, specialties and plate errors that will be of great interest, including such that are imperforated, offset printing, missing colors etc.

Europe-collectors will also discover what they are looking for, especially with the offers Austria including nearby areas, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and France – obviously further countries are included with interesting pieces.

The area “Overseas” shines with a thrilling offer “Peoples Republic of China”, including “Actorblock **”, “Youthblock 1979 **” etc.

The extensive collection offer with over 1000 lots – almost exclusively by private - offers numerous country – and partcollections, including numerous envelope items, estates and surprise boxes.

A voluminous offer “Numismatic” with almost 1.500 lots and over 350.000 € starting price sets the main focus, including numerous gold and silver minting, as well as an interesting offer medals and decoration- and badges of honor, next to diverse militaria.

You can “inspect” more than 256 collections completely on the web – the photos of the album pages render a very accurate impression of the collections.

Historama Auction #4 World Coins & Medals + Specialized Holyland Postal History
Wednesday May 17, 2017 22:00 Asia/Jerusalem
Last date for bids: Wednesday May 17, 2017 22:00 Asia/Jerusalem

Our sale features a large selection of important pieces of postal history; our numismatic offering is smaller than usual as we had to set aside a large collection of ancient and medieval coins pending the receipt of our antiquities license (whose receipt is pending almost a year). Nevertheless, we begin with a small but high caliber selection of world coins and medals, including a series of high grade Italian 19th & 20th Century silver coins and some Judaic medals including the rare “Judea Restituta” medal commissioned by Yehuda Arazi (1946), and many lots of silver coins.

Our philatelic offering is phenomenal: our selection of WWII postal links with Palestine includes mail sent at the moment the War broke out, including a stunning cover to Poland 3-09-39 refused service and enclosed with a rare mimeograph from the Jerusalem censor announcing the cessation of communications with Germany, a cover from the Latvian foreign ministry sent a day after the installation of the pro-Soviet government, Red Cross 2-way correspondence mail with Nazi Germany, mail from France and to Poland during the various stages of the 1939-40 campaigns, mail from Aden and Iran, mail to the Shanghai Ghetto, and more.

We are honored to represent fine pieces of “service suspended” mail of the Arab-Israeli conflict from a Large Gold collection, whose degree of detail reveals the fascinating story and intricacy of politically-charged postal routings, and includes pieces with rare service suspended cachets of various Arab countries, Israeli service-refused markings, Cold War 'postkrieg', mis-directed mail (to Israel or Arab states) including a cover from India to Iran which was routed via Israel, an incredible pilot-signed “hi-jack” cover from flight BA870 (1974), mail from the 2nd Intifada and more – many pieces the sole examples known; a world of history unto itself.

We are also proud to present a meticulously assembled 50 year-old collection of British military mail and postmarks from Egypt in WWI, including some very rare censored pieces (the “circle E” and undocumented “OET #4 Censorship” markings), a series of undocumented postmarks including some pre-dating the known dates of establishment of certain army post offices. Additionally we offer key German & French Palestine-related covers: a picture postcard marked by a rare handstamp of the French High Commissioner for Palestine; registered letters from Militär-Mission Feldpost 4. Armee, K. D. Feldpoststation 372, Deutche Feldpost 663, FELDPOST MIL. MISS. BIR-ES-SEBA – and more.

Drawing upon what is reputedly the largest collection of Jerusalem postmarks – and one of only 3 such in the world - In the area of postmarks, we offer a wealth of materials from rare and even undocumented cancellations from Jerusalem and Haifa, a proof strike of the very rare 21-02-1949 first Israeli Jerusalem machine cancel – possibly the rarest of all Israeli cancellations, full strikes of Talavera Barracks, Jerusalem-Lydda TPO and more. Similarly, our Holyland forerunners are studded with key postmarks: Ottoman AIOUN CARA, JAFFA7 (#831), violet QUARTIER ISRAELITE w/date (#753v); Russian rare blue JAFFA (#614); French JAFFA (#311); plus “Tempel-Kolonie”, “Aus Sarona” & “RISCHON-L'-ZION” (#153/St-708) colony cachets – and more.

Our Mandate postal history offering includes very rare rates, such as the period-3 1m printed matter rate, a 1938 airmail from Haifa to Tel Aviv, a gem period-2 postcard franked by the cobalt-blue Ba2 EEF frank, and more. Among Israeli state postal history we offer incredible PEDI covers: a registered cover, a back-stamped cover, and the highest numbered cover with both type I and II cancellations.

Our selection of taxed mail is probably unparalleled, with many exquisite pieces of domestic and overseas mail taxed with high frankings or taxed for unusual reasons, including a couriered “poste restante” cover taxed for being return addressed in the same locale as the PR service requested, 1948 mail with 'provisional' tax frankings, interim-period mail with interim frankings as PDs, revenue-label franked mail (both taxed and accepted!), postage dues from recent inflationary periods, currency transitions, mixed frankings and much more.

The philatelic selection is rounded out by many airmail covers and special surface mail representing important routes and bearing special frankings, including full tabs. Our next sale will take place later this summer – and by then the full force of our numismatic offering will featured.


Bidding in Our Auctions

In light of numerous requests we have received to run “live auctions”, this sale of 641 lots will be a combined mail and timed ('live') auction. It will open on April 19th and end May 17th. Some of the lots in the sale will be sold in the usual manner of a mail auction by receiving bids in writing on lots throughout the sale period (above) until the end of this portion of the sale (22:00 Israel time on 17 May): bidders with the highest bids will be the winners of those lots at that time; bidding-time will be extended by 5 minutes in the event bids are received within the last 60 seconds.

Other lots (202) with specially marked lot numbers ending “-LA” – will be on pre-sale display until May 17th and will go on sale starting at 22:00 Israel time on 17 May, on a 3rd party live auction site called; this will be the timed auction (without auction hall or announcer), and each lot in this portion of the sale will be displayed for a minimum of 30 seconds, during which time live bids can be submitted. Pre-sale bids can be placed on these lots in writing before the start of the sale and absentee bids in writing can be submitted during the sale itself. These lots will be displayed here, on our site ( and also on our Bidspirit site ( on this and our site these lots will appear static, without real-time changes in the bid level, but on the Bidspirit site the bid status of these lots will update in real-time before and during the sale – and the sale itself will be conducted on our Bidspirit site only.

Both portions of the sale run in the same manner: the bid level increases by steps, so that if a person submits a high bid relative to the present level, the present level will only rise by 1 step and the rest of that person's high bid will be kept in reserve by the auction program in order to counterbid on his behalf if competing bids are subsequently placed.

As is our policy, in the mail auction opening bid levels are flexible and we can accept bids that are as much as 20% below that level provided there are no unpublished reserves which are above that level. In any event, reserves will never be higher than the opening bid level. As Bidspirit is unable to process bids below the opening level (for the live auction/time auction), the displayed opening bid levels will be the minimum acceptable bids.

Our auctions are designed to enable bidders to make the most of their budget, while aiming to save them money: last-minute bid increases can be selected (for some or all bids); a bid-budget can be specified, to protect bidders from financial over exposure – and here, bidders can also specify their order of preference among the lots they win, to secure those which are most important to them.

We look forward to having you at our sale and wish you good luck with your bids.

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger Coins and Medals Auction #329
Thursday May 11, 2017 10:00 to Friday May 12, 2017 19:00 Europe/Berlin
Last date for bids: Thursday May 11, 2017 10:00 Europe/Berlin

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolge's auction #329 will consist of about 1400 lots of modern coins and medals:

Roman-German Reich coins.

World coins.

The coinage of various German states and periods.

Silver and Gold coins.

Weimar Republic, Third Reich, DDR and Bundesrepublic coins

Dependencies coins.


Miscellaneous interesting coins and medals, among them many Musicians medals.

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger Antique Coins Auction #328
Wednesday May 10, 2017 10:00 to 19:00 Europe/Berlin Europe/Berlin
Last date for bids: Wednesday May 10, 2017 10:00 Europe/Berlin

Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger's auction 328 encompasses 788 lots of ancient coins, beginning with Celtic coinage.

After these, the coins of the Greeks are going to be up for auction.

The Roman coins will follow them, beginning with the Roman Republican coinage, and then the coinage of the Roman Empire.

Coins from the time of the Civil Wars will then be presented.

Then, the coins of Byzantium will go under the hammer.

Ostrogoten wandering coins and lots will also be offered.

HWPH Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG Auction #45
Saturday Apr 29, 2017 11:00 Europe/Berlin
Last date for bids: Friday Apr 28, 2017 12:00 Europe/London

Public auction #45 at 18 April 2017, location Würzburg

Deadline for submitting absentee bids is 28 April, noon, Germany time.
Auction terms (German, English and Russian):
Auction fee is 18 % plus 19 % VAT = 21.42 % in total
Shipment is 7.14 Euro flat (incl. VAT).
The auction takes place on 29 April 2017 in Würzburg, Germany. We start at 11 am.

Jennes und Kluettermann Auktionshaus 68th Briefmarken-Auktion
Saturday Apr 08, 2017 08:00 Europe/Berlin

Jennes und Kluttermann auction start with Thematic and items related to WWI mail and Single lots from Europe and Overseas with Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland etc.
Germany follows with German Colonies, Reich, Occupation, Bond, Berlin, DDR, SDZ and Old German States.
All World lots and collections strong in Germany and area.
A section of coins and postcards are also included.


Jennes und Kluettermann Auktionshaus 71th Auction
Friday Apr 07, 2017 10:00 Europe/Berlin

Jennes und Kluttermann auction start with Thematic and items related to WWI mail and Single lots from Europe and Overseas with Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland etc.
Germany follows with German Colonies, Reich, Occupation, Bond, Berlin, DDR, SDZ and Old German States.
All World lots and collections strong in Germany and area.

Nomisma Spa Numismatic Auction #55
Tuesday Apr 04, 2017 09:30 to Wednesday Apr 05, 2017 18:00 Europe/Rome
Last date for bids: Tuesday Apr 04, 2017 09:30 Europe/Rome

Nomisma Numismatic presents in its Auction No. 55 a variety of rare numismatic items:
Ancient coins (Greek, Roman Republic, Roman Empire and Byzantine).
Age of migrations
World coins.
Italian mints coins.
Bubbles of lead.
Vatican coins and medals.
House of Savoy and Kingdom of Italy.
Italian Republic coins.


A. Karamitsos Public & LIVE Bid Auction 583 Coins, Medals & Banknotes
Saturday Apr 01, 2017 11:00 Europe/Athens

A. KARAMITSOS is holding an auction of Coins, Medals & Banknotes PAPER MONEY - Governor Capodistrias, Coin Notes, National Bank of Greece WWII Issued & Banknotes issued after WWII. Coins - King Otto, George I, Paul & Constantine II. Greek Island with Crete, Ionian state and Hellenic Republic. Medals & Decorations of Greek military and Foreign countries.

Dr. Reinhard Fischer Public Stamps and Coins Auction #155
Friday Mar 17, 2017 13:30 to Saturday Mar 18, 2017 20:00 Europe/Berlin
Last date for bids: Friday Mar 17, 2017 11:30 Europe/London

English Version below!


Sehr geehrter Sammler,

der Katalog zu unserer 155. Auktion am 17./18. März 2017 ist online !


Folgende Highlights bieten die über 11.000 Lose der 155. Versteigerung:

Aus dem reichhaltigem Angebot …

Sonderkatalog Numismatik

Zur 155. Versteigerung am 17.03.2017 kommen neben antiken und modernen europäischen bzw. überseeischen Münzen, vor allem Deutsche Taler und Doppeltaler, sowie 2, 3 und 5 Mark Stücke aus dem Kaiserreich, insgesamt 2168 Lose mit über 780.000 EUR Ausruf.

Antike:  Zu erwähnen ist hier eine schöne Serie von Teilstateren und Stateren aus Ionien und Mysien, besonders ein Kyzikischer Elektron Stater, (SNG von Aulock 1192, Taxe 3.500,00). Unter den byzantinischen Münzen finden sich einige interessante Prägungen wie z.B. ein Gold Histamenon Isaak I. Komnenus (Sear 1844, Taxe 800,00).

Deutschland: Mit einem umfangreichen Angebot an Talern und Doppeltalern können wir das bisher größte Angebot in diesem Bereich offerieren. Von Anhalt bis Württemberg finden sich mehrere hundert Prägungen in meist überdurchschnittlicher Erhaltung, darunter u.a. ein sächsischer Prämiendoppeltaler 1857 der Bergakademie Freiberg (AKS 157, Auflage nur 100 Stück, Taxe 3.000,00), weiter ein Taler Hohenzollern-Hechingen (AKS 1, st, Taxe 2.500,00). Gut bestückt sind auch die Gebiete Kaiserreich und Nebengebiete. Dabei u.a. 15 Rupien Goldmünze Deutsch-Ostafrikas (J. 728B, ss-vz, Taxe 2.500,00).

Europa und Übersee: Gold- und Silbermünzen aus aller Welt werden auch in dieser Auktion reichlich angeboten. Unter Österreich finden Interessenten u.a. zwei goldene 100 Kronen Stücke. Das eine geprägt 1907 zum 40. Thronjubiläum (Fb. 257, Erhaltung vz-st, Taxe 4.000,00), das andere geprägt 1908 zum 60jährigen Regierungsjubiläum (Fb. 514, Erhaltung vz, Taxe 4.500,00). Weiter auch eine 25 und eine 50 Lei Münze Rumäniens, beide geprägt im Jahre 1906 zum 40jährigen Regierungsjubiläum (Fb. 6 und 7, Taxe jeweils 1.200,00). Liebhaber von Goldmünzen mit geringen Auflagen dürften sich auch für eine südafrikanische 1 Unzen Prägung von 1985 interessieren. Die Prägung mit dem Motiv des Parlamentsgebäudes von Kapstadt wird ausgesprochen selten angeboten (Fb. 13, Taxe 1.600,00).

Sammlungen: Unter den diversen Sammlungsrubriken sind zahlreiche Lots und Sammlungen sowie ganze Nachlässe in unterschiedlichen Preisklassen zu finden. Dabei u.a. eine hochinteressante Gold- und Silbermünzensammlung der Mongolei (Taxe 16.000,00).

Hauptkatalog Briefmarken

Altdeutschland:  interessantes Angebot mit u. a. mehreren Schwarzen Einsern, Sachsen Nr. 1a Luxusstück mit Entwertung „Leipzig“, Sachsen Nr. 1c auf Streifband in vorzüglicher Luxuserhaltung – je Fotoattest Rismondo BPP: „echt und einwandfrei“, aber auch seltene Werte anderer Gebiete wie Württemberg 70 Kreuzer, Thurn und Taxis hohe Kreuzer und Silbergroschen-Werte etc., dabei auch vielfach Briefverwendungen und Stempellose.


Deutsches Reich: wertvolles Angebot mit zahlreichen Farben, Abarten, Besonderheiten und Belegen, dabei auch seltene Zeppelinbelege, Besonderheiten Halbamtliche Flugpost, Zusammendrucke und Markenheftchen, Propagandakarten etc…


Deutsche Kolonien / Auslandspostämter: großartiges Angebot, dabei u. a. zahlreiche Stempellose und Briefe, viele Typen, Farben, postfrische Werte, Abarten und Plattenfehler.


Besetzung I. Weltkrieg/ Abstimmungsgebiete/Danzig/Memel/Saar: spezialisiertes und interessantes Angebot durch alle Gebiete, dabei u. a. Saar mit Mi.Nr. 16 mit zahlreichen Aufdruckfehlern, braune Madonna-Satz auf zwei R-Briefen – Höchstwert mit seltenem Plattenfehler I, weiterhin Typen, Abarten, Plattenfehler und Besonderheiten – überwiegend neu geprüft Braun BPP bzw. Ney VP.


II. Weltkrieg/Feldpost:  wertvolles Angebot mit vielen Standardausgaben und ausgesuchten Stücken, dabei u. a. Montenegro 10/19 ** (Auflage nur 1.000 Sätze), Montenegro 20/28 – 10 postfrische Sätze, Kotor 1/6 – 15 postfrische Sätze etc.


Deutschland nach 1945:  interessantes und reichhaltiges Angebot mit zahlreichen Besonderheiten, Abarten, Farben und Plattenfehlern.


Europa:  ausgesuchtes Angebot mit interessanten Stücken Schweiz, Liechtenstein sowie Skandinavien.


Übersee: interessante Offerte Volksrepublik China mit gesuchten Blockausgaben wie u. a. Jugendblock 1979, Ausgabe „Jahr des Affen“ etc. …


ein vielfältiges Sammlungsangebot vom Briefposten im Umschlag bis hin zu mehrbändigen Länder- und Spezialsammlungen in einem oder mehreren Kartons werden Sammlung zahlreicher deutscher, europäischer und einiger Überseeischer Sammelgebiete angeboten.  Insgesamt über 1.000 Lose – zumeist aus Privathand stammend, inkl. Sammellosen aus den im Sonderkatalog aufgelösten Sammlungen „Walter Dykierek“ und „Traum von Linz“


Insgesamt über 360 Sammlungen können Sie komplett im Internet „besichtigen“ – Fotos sämtlicher Albumseiten geben einen sehr guten Eindruck der Sammlungen.

Sonderkatalog zu den Sammlungen „Der Traum von Linz“, „Reval“, „Belgrad – die Markensammlung“ und „Walter Dykierek“

Vier  Sammlungen – ein Sonderkatalog: Jede Sammlung die wir in unserem Sonderkatalog zur 155. Auktion offerieren ist auf Ihrem Gebiet ein philatelistisches Highlight.


Der Sammler der Sammlung „Reval“ mit den Gebieten Grodno, Libau, Memel und Deutsches Besetzung II. Weltkrieg legte zum Beispiel wert auf perfekte Erhaltung und optische Makellosigkeit – eine einwandfreie Marke genügte also nicht.  Dabei größte Raritäten wie Memel Grünaufdruck mit deutschem Stempel „RUSS“ oder aber Südukraine Mi.-Nr. 1/7 auf Bedarfsbriefen sowie Estland Elwa mit waagerechtem Zusammendruck der „Pavillion“-Ausgabe Mi. 28 und 32 sind einige Highlights dieser Sammlung.


Die Sammlung „Belgrad – die Markensammlung“ stammt vom gleichen Einlieferer, wie die in vorherigen Auktionen schon durch uns versteigerte Briefesammlung Serbien II. Weltkrieg und bringt alle Seltenheiten dieses Gebietes zum Ausruf, selbst dann, wenn es sich laut Fotoattest um Unikate handelt!


Unkonventionell aber mit dem Blick auf Besonderheiten – das war das Motto des Sammlers der Sammlung „Traum von Linz“, die schon in zwei Generationen geführte Sammlung wurde von ihm weiter ausgebaut und spezialisiert und so entstanden über 250 Bände „Internationale Philatelie“ mit Schwerpunkten bei den deutschsprachigen Ländern und vor allem Österreich – in dieser Auktion wird nur Teil I dieser spektakulären Sammlung versteigert.


Walter Dykierek: Schwerpunkt ist die umfangreiche und in extremem Vollständigkeitsgrad „inflaecht gestempelter Werte“ zusammengetragene Sammlung Danzig 1920 – 1939. Das Angebot sollten sich Danzig-Sammler auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen!


English Version

Dear collector,


the catalog for our 155th auction on 17th and 18th of March 2017 is online!



Here is selection from the over 11,000 lots contained in our 155th auction with numerous specialities and many highlights:




Our 155th Auction on March 17th will feature ancient coins, modern coins from Europe and overseas areas, but also Talers, double Talers, and 2, 3 and 5 Mark pieces from German empire. The coins have a total value of EUR 780.000 and number up to 2,168 lots,


Ancient Coins: One of the highlights of the ancient section is a electrum stater from Cyzicus, Hound crouching left, tuna below ( SNG von Aulock 1192, estimate EUR 3,500,00). Under several interesting byzantine gold coins is one remarkable gold histamenon minted under Isaac I. Comnenus stuck on a broad flan (Sear 1844. estimate EUR 800.-).

Germany: We are proud to present the largest offer of Talers and double Talers in the history of our auction business. Some very rare and distinguished coins from Anhalt to Würtemberg with excellent conditions like extra fine up to proof are offered in this part. A very rare Saxonian double Taler from 1857 is just one of the many highlights. This double Taler was stuck in commemoration of the mining academy of Freiberg (only 100 were stuck, estimate EUR 3.300,00). Another great coin is a uncirculated Taler from Hohenzollern-Hechingen (Dav. 715, estimate EUR 2.800,00). You can also find a nice 15 Rupees gold coin from German East Africa (very fine to extra fine, estimate EUR 2.500,00)

Europe and Oversees: Gold and silver coins from all over the world are also offered in great numbers. For example, two interesting 100 Crorona gold coins from Austria (Fb. 257, xf-unc, estimate EUR 4.000,00 and Fb. 514, xf, estimate EUR 4.500,00). There are also one 25 and one 50 Lei gold coin from Romania offered in this sale. The 25 Lei pice was stuck in 1907 in commemoration of the 40th throne jubilee. The 50 Lei gold coin was stuck in 1908 in commemoration of the 60th government jubilee (Fb. 6 and 7, estimate EUR 1.200,00 each). A South African one ounce gold coin with the motive of the parliament building in Cape Town from 1985 is another scarce item (Fb. 13, estimate EUR 1.600,00).

Collections: Collectors and investors can also find a wide range of small lots and great collections like a very interesting collection of Mongolian gold and silver coins, collected in four big coin cases (estimate EUR 16.000,00).



Main Catalogue

German states: interesting offer with several stamps “ Schwarze Einsern”, Saxony No 1 a in superb condition with cancellation “Leipzig”, Saxony No 1c on wrapper in excellent superb condition – each of them with a new photo certification from Rismondo BPP: “The condition is immaculate”, also numerous rare issues for example “Württemberg 70 Kreuzer, Thurn and Taxis high values and silver dime issues etc, also various cover usages and cancelled lots.

German empire: valuable offer with segmented colours, varieties, specialities and receipts, with also various rare Zeppelin covers, specialities of the early Airmal, se-tenants and arrangement of stamps, propaganda-cards etc….

German colonies / post offices abroad: great offer, with numerous cancelled lots and letters, many types, colours, first overprint issues, numerous varieties and plate flaws

Occupation World War I / Plebiscites / Gdansk / Memel / Saar: special and interesting supply of all areas, including – among others-  Saar with Mi. Nr. 16 with numerous overprint issues, brown Madonna on two registered covers  – maximum value with rare plate flaw I, also types, varieties, plate flaws and specialities – mostly fresh expertised by Mr. Braun BPP or Ney VP.

Worl War II Occupation/ field post: precious supply with numerous standard issues and selected pieces, including Montenegro 10/19** (edition only 1.000 sets), Montenegro 20/28 – 10 first overprint issues sets, Kotor 1/6 – 15 first overprint sets etc.

Germany after 1945: interesting and comprehensive including numerous specialities, varieties, colours and plate flaws.

Europe: selected offer including interesting Stamps of Swiss, Lichtenstein and Scandinavia.

Overseas: interesting offer of People’s Republic of China including wanted souvenir sheets including – among others-  “Jugendblock 1979, issue “year of the monkey” etc.

A multi-faceted supply of collections from cover batches in envelopes over mulitvolumed country- and specialized collections of Germany, European and a few oversea areas up to large estates in many big boxes. Over 1.000 lots almost entirely from private ownership including collections from the “Walter Dykierek” and “Dream of Linz” collections in our special catalogue!

You can “inspect” more than 360 collections completely on the web – the photos of the album pages render a very accurate impression of the collections.

Special catalogue for the collections “The dream of Linz”, “Reval”, “Belgrad – the stamp collection” and “Walter Dykierek”

Four collections – one special catalogue: Each of the collections we will present in this catalogue of the 155th auction, represents a highlight in its own area.

The collector of the “Reveal”-collection, with the areas Grodno, Libau, Memel and German Occupation World War II , prioritised a perfect conservation and optic immaculacy. Just a perfect stamp was not adequate.
This collection includes some major rarities like Memel green overprint  with German cancel “RUSS” and South Ukraine Mi.-No 1/7 on letters . “Estonia Elwa” with horizontal se-tenants of the “Pavillion”- edition Mi. 28 and 32 is also an interesting offer of this collection.

The “Belgrad”-collection derives from the same owner as the stamp collection “Serbia World War II - covers” which was offered in former auctions.

This collection includes all rarities of this area, even though the photo expertise entitles it unique.  


The collector of the “Dream of Linz”- collection, gathered his stamps according to the motto “unconventional but with a special look on rarities”.
He developed and specialised this collection, which was already conducted by two generations before. The result of this work are 250 strips of “international philately” with focus on the German-speaking countries especially Austria.
In this auction we will only sell the first part of this spectacular collection.

Walter Dykierek: Focus of this collection is the extensive and extreme completed collection “Danzig 1920 – 1939” with Infla-expertised cancelled issues.
Danzig-collector should not miss this great offer.