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Thursday Jul 26, 2012 23:00 to Friday Jul 27, 2012 23:00 Australia/Sydney

Welcome to Auction No.14, 27th and 28th July 2012. This auction has over 2900 lots so we have split it into 2 days with three sections on each day. Commencing on Friday 27th July, Section 1 begins at 10am with PPCs, world collections and Countries A-H, including many covers and a fine range of stamps, there is a very nice group of early French flight PPCs, and very fine selections of Germany and Great Britain. Section 2 starts at 1pm and includes the remainder of the rest-of-world countries I-Y. Section 3 is the Australian Colonies group NSW to Western Australia will start at 3pm The Saturday 28th July sessions start at 10am with Section 4, beginning with a fantastic BHP collection and continues through to the end of the Kangaroos. Section 5 starts at 12:30pm and continues with rest of the Australian Commonwealth, KGV through to the end of the Postal Stationery. Section 6 is the last section and commences at 2:30pm. It begins with FDCs and goes through Postal History and Flight Covers before finishing with Australian Territories and PNG, including early covers from Nauru, NWPI & Papua. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Friday Mar 30, 2012 22:00 Europe/London

Auction 12 is our usual large & diverse auction. We thought that by moving the box lots to their own auction we would be able to make our auctions a little smaller, however we still have over 2,000 lots in the auction. The first section of the catalog has 653 lots of non-Australia, PPCS, coins, ephemera etc.

Friday Feb 03, 2012 23:00 Europe/London

Welcome to another large & great Phoenix auction. It will be a busy day with over 2,000 lots to auction. With only 1908 lots this auction is marginally smaller than our last few auctions and it is still packed with our normal full range of items from small single lots to multi-thousand dollar gems suitable for even the most advanced collector. Section 1 will start at 10:00am (Lots 1-591 - Coins & Banknotes, Collections and World A-Z) Section 2 will commence no earlier than 1:00pm (Lots 592-1363 - Australian Colonies/States, Kangaroos & KGV) Section 3 will commence no earlier than 4:00pm (Lots 1364-1908 - Balance of Australia & Territories) Viewing will be held in our offices at Level 2, 482 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Saturday 28th January to Thursday 2nd February 10am to 5pm Friday 3rd February 10am to 7pm - BOX LOT auction #1201 commences at 4:00pm Saturday 4th February 8am to 10:00am, (after 10am limited viewing is available) Public Auction No.11 commences at 10:00am