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Auktionshaus Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG Auction #161 Philatelic & Numismatic
Tuesday Mar 06, 2018 08:00 to Saturday Mar 10, 2018 18:00 Europe/Berlin

161st International Hall Auction at Felzmann – Numismatics 6 & 7 March 2018

Please read and accept the terms before bidding.

The start of this year’s hall auctions is just around the corner. We will be starting the auction week in style with
almost 2,800 top numismatics lots.
As always, we will be beginning with Antiquity, which this time includes quite a few choice items, including a
rare Clodius Macer denarius from Carthage 68 A.D. with magnificent continuous and almost black patina (Lot
216) and a half stater from the Macedonian governor Ophellas, depicting a young rider (Lot 149). Highlights in
the Germany Until 1799 section include a 2-taler Löser from 1668, Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel from moneyer
Rudolph Bornemann, showing a duke on a rearing horse framed by a wreath of leaves (Lot 604). Germany From
1800 includes a particular gem in the form of a Baden Rheingold ducat with the stamp of Hans Heinrich
Boltschauser, only 972 specimens of which were minted, showing a bust of the Grand Duke Carl Friedrich facing
right (Lot 702). Also included is a 10-mark gold coin from the German Empire dated 1889. Only 23,942 coins of
this one-year type with a large breast shield were minted (Lot 845). The range of coins from the German
dependencies contains a 20 New Guinean mark from 1895 depicting a bird of paradise, a typical local bird with
magnificent plumage (Lot 916). From the former GDR comes the very rare sample “30 Years of Combat
Groups”, slightly tarnished, with inscription “PROBE” (“sample”), of which only around 100 specimens were
minted (Lot 973). Among other things, the Isle of Man offers a series of platinum crowns which, owing to the
reduced number minted (with in some cases only a hundred known specimens), rarely come under the
hammer (Lot 1400) A 6-dollar treasury note from the German Empire dated 1923 rounds off the range of
currency notes (Lot 2139). Ending the auction on a suitably high note are a number of Renaissance
Kunstkammer pieces, e.g. with the likeness of Osman ruler Suleiman I (“Suleiman the Magnificent”),
presumably made from cherrywood, and over 20 battle clasps from the German colonies (Lot 2260).